RAD Systems

Our Specialty, Experience, & Reliable Work Ethic

RAD Systems specializes in a custom audio-video experience. We have years of experience in delivering the exact systems that fit your lifestyle. Each customer is different, each home is different, and we take pride in designing a system that will work for both.

From a simple stereo system with multiroom capabilities to a Whole House system with an integrated State-of-the-art Projection Theater, we can deliver beyond your expectations.

What We Offer

Custom options include:

  • Plasma and LCD monitors of any size up to a staggering 103 inches, complete with custom calibration.
  • Five-channel, six-channel, or even seven-channel surround sound listening field will make your favorite movie come alive with jaw-dropping clarity.
  • Custom control system with a wireless station, wall-mounted touch keypads, or a single, programmable remote eliminates the tabletop clutter found with most AV systems.
  • Completely hidden wiring and a clean-finished system will satisfy the most critical interior decorators and make your system "wife-friendly."
RAD Systems
RAD Systems

Our Difference

We pride ourselves in our product knowledge, expertise, and the ability to meet any budget. In addition to our knowledge and experience, we pride ourselves on quality installs and an excellent customer experience.